Sunday, May 19, 2013

North Korea Launches Four Missiles in Two Days

North Korea ratcheted up tensions on the Korean peninsula this weekend with the launch of four (4) short-range guided missiles into the the East Sea (3) and the Sea of Japan (1).

This comes on the tail of months of inflammatory, sabre-rattling rhetoric from North Korea after recent warnings from the communist DPRK of "impending nuclear war."

While North Korea's launching of short-range, tactical missiles is not as alarming as the launching of long-range ballistic missiles, it is further evidence of North Korean leader Kim Jung-un's misunderstanding of global tensions and his backward nation's place in the world.

That these most recent provocations did not result in a shooting war between the two Koreas  is nothing short of a miracle.  

One misstep in Korea could put thousands, if not millions of lives at risk.

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